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A Digital Canvas

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A journal

Every time I speak to my grandmother she tells me that I should write a journal. She is a writer after all. Even now, solidly in her 90s, she manages to keep it up partially due to the wealth of experiences she has documented over the years. And she is right, writing is important! I find it especially fun when it’s free-form and uncurated. It’s a form of expression, and just like any other, it can be used to share experiences and thoughts: one of the reasons I decided to make this website. So here I am Teta, writing!

A record

In the past people used to write with pen and paper and journal things to document them. Nowadays, we put everything online. It’s likely that in the future, historians will be scraping the web for their primary sources! So, in the modern day, I think that the cliché “you die twice…” now becomes something like “you die once when you take your last breath, and finally when your stuff is wiped off the internet”. This brings me to the second reason for this website: posterity. It’s such a waste that so many people have all these amazing ideas and thoughts that just get lost over time, drowned out by noise. But, when your stuff is posted on the web, you can be assured it is at least recoverable (whether or not it is garbage is up to the reader to decide).

A voice

I lost my father this year and today is his birthday. I miss him, and I often find myself reflecting on my decisions by wondering what he would say. Sometimes, I even check out his website. It still reads in his voice, and it always will read that way to me and those who knew him. Maybe, in due time, this site will start to emulate my voice, and keep it lively even when I’m physically gone.

Why start now?

Perhaps it’s the social distancing, or the fact that my good friend Alex has been raging about his blogging experience lately. Either way, here I am. Writing. Something I can’t believe I’m doing after suffering through both of my language classes at some point in secondary school.

The aim of this website is to serve as a platform for me to share my take on all sorts of topics that I think are worth discussing. Some of the content I will have little experience in, while others I would have pondered over for many months. In any case, these blog posts will attempt to illustrate my viewpoint and (hopefully) implore you, the reader, to mull over the concepts as well.

Why here?

A huge benefit of posting things here is that I won’t have to fact-blast my friends and family when frustrated. No more ruining loved ones’ evenings with my “what ifs” and long-winded monologues explaining my version of utopia (I’m sorry sis, you in particular had to suffer through a lot of this during our COVID-19 quarantine!). Here, no one is forced to listen, and only those who are curious will scan their eyes across these words.

In closing, regardless of whether or not you agree with the ideas presented on this site, I hope to hear from you. Maybe together, upon the mutual exchange of perspectives, we can build a better world for everyone, in harmony.

Perhaps the musings on this digital canvas will go somewhere, someday.